Agricultural, Environmental & Natural Resources

America’s farmers and ranchers are producing the world’s safest and most affordable food, while continuing to be excellent stewards of the land and their animals. They feed the world using cutting-edge technologies and fewer resources than ever before; however, these time-honored traditions are threatened by unnecessary federal regulations and extreme animal rights groups.

The attorneys at Bruning Law Group have experience in defending production agriculture and livestock producers’ ability to raise and care for their livestock. We help farmers to further enhance their water management and production goals with minimal governmental intrusion.

Bruning Law Group also has extensive experience in environmental law. We led the nation in challenges to the EPA’s attempts to usurp state authority and regulate the coal power industry out of business. We also handled all of the enforcement of the environmental laws while at the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office. We understand the law and can identify creative and effective resolutions to our clients’ most challenging environmental dilemmas.

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