Monthly Archives: March 2024

Idaho Stands with Kansas and Arkansas Against Proposed EPA Rule Impacting Meat and Poultry Industry

March 26, 2024 – Idaho Attorney General Raúl Labrador issued a statement condemning the proposed rule from the Environmental Protection Agency regarding the liquid waste produced by meat and poultry processing plants in the United States. The Idaho Attorney General joins other states in expressing concern over the unnecessary and detrimental nature of this proposed regulation…. Read more »

Oklahoma Joins Multi-State Coalition & DOJ in Filing Suit Against Apple

March 21, 2024 – Attorney General Gentner Drummond shared that he approved Oklahoma to join the muti-state coalition and the Department of Justice in filing a lawsuit against Apple Inc., according to a press release. Apple Inc., illegally engaged in anti-competitive behavior to build a “moat around its smartphone monopoly” and maximize its profits at the expense… Read more »

Oregon, 42 states push feds for greater online privacy protections for children

March 12, 2024 – Oregon’s attorney general and three of her counterparts are leading a bipartisan coalition of 43 attorneys general in urging the Federal Trade Commission to update technology rules to protect children’s privacy. Online protections for children younger than 13 are part of the rules  associated with the federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, or… Read more »

A Bipartisan Coalition of 41 Attorneys General Call On Meta To Protect Users’ Accounts From Scammers

March 6, 2024 – The National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) sent a letter to Meta Platforms, Inc. (Meta) on behalf of a bipartisan coalition of 41 attorneys general that addresses the recent rise of Facebook and Instagram platform account takeovers by scammers and frauds. Account takeovers are when bad actors break into a user’s account and change passwords, effectively… Read more »