Attorney General Moody Secures Additional Money for Floridians In Keurig Antitrust Case

June 4, 2021 – Attorney General Ashley Moody, along with the Office of the Illinois Attorney General, today secured a larger share of the $31 million fund established to reimburse their states’ consumer purchasers of Keurig K-Cup Portion Packs. The class action settlement in the case In re Keurig Green Mountain Single Serve Coffee Antitrust Litigation would have awarded purchasers of K-Cups in Florida and Illinois only one-third as much as similar purchasers in other states. However, because of Attorney General Moody’s objection, the settlement class counsel amended the allocation plan and agreed to pay K-Cup purchasers in Florida and Illinois up to 100% of the value of their claims.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “As Attorney General, I am committed to protecting consumers and that includes ensuring that Floridians receive fair treatment in national class action settlements. Today’s action will help ensure Florida consumers have the same opportunity as consumers in other states to seek the full value of their claims associated with this national antitrust case.”

The United States District Court for the Southern District of New York granted the motion to approve the settlement from the bench and will enter an order accordingly.

Purchasers of K-Cups in Florida who file a timely claim will receive a pro rata share of the settlement fund. Purchasers who submit proof of purchase of Keurig K-Cup Portion Packs from a person other than Keurig will receive 100% of their claim. Purchasers who submit only proof of purchase of a Keurig brewer will receive 50% of the value of their claim with a 7,300-cup/12-month cap. Purchasers who submit no proof of purchase will receive 10% of their claim with a 550-cup/12-month cap. The deadline to submit a claim is July 15.

In April, Attorney General Moody intervened in the case to object to the unfair treatment of Floridians in the proposed settlement.

By Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody
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