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In an era where Attorneys General are shaping the nation’s policies, Bruning Law Group helps Fortune 500 companies and businesses of all sizes navigate the complex Attorney General landscape.  Bruning Law Group is the only firm that includes a former three-term Attorney General who was President of the National Association of Attorneys General and his former Chief of Staff, Chief Deputy, and Deputy Attorney General.  Our team has decades of experience addressing political, legal, and investigative issues.  This experience has armed us with the knowledge and expertise to handle any issue facing our clients.  Bruning Law Group can help your company establish essential relationships with Attorneys General and their staff, educate Attorneys General on issues vital to your success, and help you craft creative solutions in lieu of litigation.  We also have experience building coalitions of Attorneys General to engage on important legal and policy matters.

  • Consumer Protection: Since the 1990’s, we have seen an unprecedented level of Attorney General engagement on consumer protection issues.  Just as Attorneys General are concerned with the welfare of their constituents, our corporate clients care deeply about their customers.  As we have seen with the Opioid Crisis, Attorneys General often seek private partners to aid them in more fully addressing the critical issue of the day.  Bruning Law Group can help you and the Attorneys General to shape mutually beneficial collaborations that protect consumers while advancing corporate goals.
  • Data Breach Response:  Bruning Law Group specializes in data breach response and planning to ensure businesses are properly complying with state and federal regulations.  Data breach response laws continue to evolve in the states, and Bruning Law Group is at the table and in tune with the ever-changing standards.  We have counseled large corporations, general counsels, and boards of directors both before and after data breaches.  Communication and disclosure are critical for preserving consumer trust and providing timely, cost-effective notification after a breach has occurred.  To do this effectively, a company must prepare in advance.  Bruning Law Group can help you navigate the Attorney General landscape no matter where your company is in the process.
  • Federal Overreach:  Regardless of the party in power, Attorneys General will always band together to challenge policies they believe constitute federal overreach.  From immigration to environmental policies, and education to healthcare, the balance of power between states and the federal government is constantly in flux.  Bruning Law Group is actively engaged in these issues at both the legal and policy level, and can help you navigate the complex legislative and administrative landscape.  We all benefit from stable policies and Attorneys General often act as an important check on federal involvement on key matters.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions:  It is no longer just the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that monitors mergers and acquisitions.  Attorneys General have become increasingly engaged in this space and it is important that they be apprised after the announcement of a major merger and acquisition.  Companies that ignore Attorneys General do so at their own peril, as Attorneys General are often recruited by the FTC to lend credence to mergers and acquisitions they deem improper.  Bruning Law Group can help you communicate with Attorneys General about corporate changes and FTC investigations at each critical juncture.


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