South Carolina Attorney General Joins Coalition Looking to Hold Companies Accountable for Defective Products

April 9, 2020 – South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson looks to ensure companies are held accountable for selling defective products to consumers.

Wilson joins several other attorneys general from across the country regarding this matter for U.S. consumers. In a legal brief submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court, Wilson and the coalition of attorneys general have asked for decisions upheld by the Minnesota and Montana Supreme Courts. In those courts, it was decided Ford Motor Company could be sued in those states’ courts for defects in vehicles which led to serious accidents.

“This case is crucial to protecting South Carolinians who’ve been hurt or killed by defective products,” Attorney General Wilson said. “It’s ridiculous to think that someone from South Carolina couldn’t sue a company for damages in our state courts simply because the product wasn’t made here or first sold here. Under our federal system of government, our state courts are often the best courts. Consumers should have the right to be heard in the courts of South Carolina.”

In total, attorneys general from 37 states have joined this legal brief.

By WIS News 10 Staff
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